Ecuador earthquake April 16, 2016

Update: Ecuador Earthquake

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April 19

Rescue efforts continue to try to locate survivors in the rubble of collapsed buildings in the wake of the April 16 earthquake.

The death toll now stands at 413 with 231 people reported missing across varios cities on the Pacific coast. Pedernales is the worst affected with 147, Portoviejo 112, Manta 105, Canoa 30, Bahía de Caraquez 11 and Rocofuerte 3.

Flights out of Quito and Guayaquil to and from Galapagos continue to operate normally.

See our previous post on how you can help by sending your donation to the Ecuadorian Red Cross.


April 18

The official toll from the earthquake now stands at 235 dead and 1,557 injured, announced Vice-President Jorge Glas in a press conference from the city of Manta in the province of Manabí.

A state of emergency has been declared to enable resources to be directed to the search and rescue efforts.

The airports of Quito and Guayaquil on the mainland and those on Baltra, San Cristobal and Islabela islands in the Galapagos are fully operational.

To assist those affected the Ecuadorian Red Cross is receiving donations in the following account:

Bank: Banco Pichincha

Account number: 3462520104

Account name: Fondo de Emergencia

Beneficiary: Cruz Roja Ecuatoriana – Quito

The funds will be destined to provide temporary shelter for those affected and for search and rescue operations.


April 17

At 01:25 local time the Vice-President Jorge Glas announced that there are 77 confirmed dead and 588 injured after yesterday’s earthquake that registered 7.8 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of the quake that occurred Saturday April 16 at 18:58 was near the town of Muisne on the Pacific coast. The most affected areas are Portoviejo, Manta, Guayaquil y Pedernales.

The earthquake, the strongest since 1979, was followed by 55 after shocks and more are expected.

For visitors to the Galapagos islands flying from Quito via Guayaquil travel is unaffected. Several roads between Quito and the coast are closed due to landslides.


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    • Steve Nomchong
      Steve Nomchong says:

      Hi Arina. The earthquake did not affect Galapagos. On the mainland the latest official reports state that there have been 327 aftershocks. A state of emergency has been declared in the coastal provinces that have been worst affected.

    • Steve Nomchong
      Steve Nomchong says:

      Hi Arina, Quito and Guayaquil airports are open and flights are operating to Galapagos although there may be delays. If you have concerns about your flights you should contact LAN directly.

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