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Travellers’ Top Galapagos Experiences

Here at Insider’s Galapagos we have been asking travelers who have been to the Galapagos Islands what their favourite experience was – we think it’s a great way of inspiring other travelers who are planning a trip. Here we pool their answers to give you our top Galapagos Experiences!

Galapagos memories

  • “Visiting Kicker Rock [located off the coast of Isla San Cristobal], snorkeling on Isabela (we got to swim with turtles and penguins). We loooooved Tortuga Bay [on Santa Cruz]”. (Miriam Ventimilla, Galapagos land-based tour).
  • Our favourite island was Isabela. We preferred the laid back, quieter atmosphere there to Santa Cruz.” (Annie Crowley, Galapagos land-based tour).
  • “I loved the contrast of the lava formations with the beautiful bright green and red plants on South Plaza. Isabela was beautiful, and a cruise that visits it lets you see so much incredible variety of terrain and animals. The hikes were just amazing at every turn.” (Lisa Hartland, Galapagos Cruise Archipell II).
  • “I loved snorkeling. Seeing hammerhead sharks was amazing.” (Myriam Gallegos, Galapagos land-based tour).
  • “Top three…Kicker Rock, Volcan Chia [Isabela Island] and the Highland tour [Santa Cruz Island]. Swimming/snorkeling with the white sharks, tortguas and the sea lions was priceless”. (Lynn Min, Galapagos land-based tour) 
  • “Discovering the nature and the wildlife, and swimming in the amazing Pacific Ocean.” (Cécile Clavel, Galapagos land-based tour). 

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