Traveler Spotlight: island-hopping in the Galapagos

In the second of our monthly Traveler Spotlights  where we interview tourists about their experiences of visiting the Galapagos Islands – we spoke to Lynn Min, who visited the islands on an island-hopping tour.

  • What type of trip did you go on in the Galapagos Islands? A land-based tour.
  • Where did you say? We stayed at the Crossman Hotel (Santa Cruz island), Paraiso Isabela (Isabela island) and Blue Marlin (San Cristobal island). We liked all of them; Blue Marlin was our favourite.
  • How long was your trip? 8 days, 8 nights.
  • Which islands did you visit? Santa Cruz, Isabela, San Cristobal.
  • What was your favorite experience? Many, top three being Kicker Rock [off San Cristobal Island], Volcan Chico [Isabela island] and the Highland Tour [Santa Cruz island]. Swimming/snorkeling with white sharks, tortugas and the sea lions was priceless.
  • Would you have done anything differently? We are glad that we chose the land based tour rather than a cruise. In addition to being more affordable it gave us far more flexibility, enabled us to enjoy great local food (the kiosks in Puerto Ayora), absorb local culture (we also took the Christmas train ride in Puerto Ayora; husband/son played soccer on turf with local men at Puerto Villamil), and sleep in late if needed.

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Photo credit: Flickr/Allan Harris

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