Galapagos penguins

Galapagos Islands in September

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We take a look at what’s going on in the Galapagos Islands during the month of September.

  • September is the start of the breeding season for sea lions so you’ll be sure to see a lot of sea lion activity – males can often be observed aggressively patrolling their territories (be sure to keep well out of their way!) 
  • Penguins are also very visible during this month: it’s a great time to spot and even snorkel with them, particularly on Bartolome Island
  • The cooler waters at this time of year means lots of potential whale sightings
  • September sees the lowest rainfall of the year, while temperatures are comfortable (18-24°C) – ideal for walking
  • Waters can be choppy in September, so if you’re prone to sea-sickness a land-based tour is recommended
  • September and October are low season, meaning you can find some great deals on tours and cruises, and tourist numbers are generally lower

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Photo credit: Flickr/Benjamin Jakabek