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#SaveDarwin global campaign raises US$400,000

An international emergency fundraising appeal run by the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF) has raised more than US$400,000 in the last month.

Funds raised from 24 countries around the world

The #SaveDarwin appeal was set up at the beginning of December 2014 following CDF’s announcement in November that it was in desperate need of funds for its annual US$3 million running costs. The foundation had suffered from loss of income following the closure of the Charles Darwin Research Station’s souvenir store, which had provided a weekly income of US$8,000.

The US$400,000 funds have come from donations, membership subscriptions and pledges from 24 countries around the world. CDF is aiming to raise a total of  US$1 million in order to continue its vital work of protecting the islands from a number of threats to unique Galapagos wildlife. Just one example of the valuable work that the Foundation carries out is its Mangrove Finch Conservation Project, which aims to increase the population of this critically endangered species. In 2014,  CDF succeeded in increasing the numbers of the Mangrove Finch – the rarest bird in the Galapagos – by rearing and releasing 15 finches into the wild.

Want to lend your support? CDF offers the following options:

  • Donate what you can using this link here
  • Purchase a CDF online membership here
  • Share the cause with your friends and supporters online by downloading a fundraising and awareness media pack here.

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