Planning a Honeymoon in the Galapagos Islands

Are you planning a honeymoon or a romantic break and you’re asking yourself if the Galapagos Islands are a suitable destination? Well, our answer to you is a very resounding YES!


An Unforgettable Trip

A romantic getaway or honeymoon should be a truly special time – a holiday that you won’t ever forget. The Galapagos Islands are undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth. The extraordinary wildlife and untouched landscapes will leave you feeling like you’ve been transported to another world. Add gorgeous sunsets, white-sand beaches, ocean-front dining, adventure and relaxation to the mix – not to mention snorkeling together alongside sea lions, tropical fish, turtles and rays – and you’ve got all the ingredients for a perfectly romantic trip.


Find Your Own Galapagos

A concern of some travelers planning a honeymoon or romantic break in the Galapagos is not wanting to be cooped-up on a boat with too many other people. So how do you make sure you get the privacy and space you need?

  • On your cruise ship, choose a cabin that has a balcony – you will be able to watch the sunset without interruption. Look for yachts that have a lot of communal space, so you can find a spot just for you. Many vessels also offer very generously spacious suites.
  • Add on some extra days before or after your cruise, staying in a hotel on one or more of the three main islands – Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela. This way you’ll get a great mix of a cruise plus some more private time. The town of Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island in particular has a number of luxury hotels that offer packages that are great for honeymooners.
  • Head to Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island for a few days. This tiny fishing village could have been made for honeymooners and receives far fewer tourists than the other islands. The town sits on a gorgeous beach that stretches for miles – head away from the village and the only company you’ll have are the iguanas. There are multiple activities that you can do on your own without a guide in Puerto Villamil: Go snorkeling in Concha de Perla, a beautiful, protected lagoon teeming with sea lions and fish. Pack a picnic lunch and hire bikes to explore the island’s mangroves, giant tortoise breeding center and historical sites outside of Puerto Villamil. Head up to the lush, green highlands for a private lunch. Or simply lounge by the hotel pool or in a beach-side hammock.
  • Choose to really get off the beaten track, by spending a few days on Floreana Island. Rarely do tourists overnight on this sparsely populated island. You may walk the beaches near Puerto Velasco Ibarra, or head up into the highlands to explore the homes of the original settlers. Nights will be super-tranquil.
  • Opt for an island-hopping tour instead of a cruise: you’ll still see an amazing array of places and wildlife, but staying in hotels each night means more space and time to yourselves.


To make the most of your romantic getaway in the Galapagos Islands, contact us for more information on honeymoon-ready hotels.


Photo credit: Flickr/Udri


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