What is the Insider Service?

Yacu Amu Experience’s exclusive Insider Service ensures your passengers get the very most out of their visit to Ecuador.

The service ensures a hassle-free travel experience for them and provides you with peace of mind.

  • Seamless

    Having one person on top of all the details of a reservation maximises the level of service to you and your clients and saves everyone time when questions arise.

    Every reservation is handled from initial inquiry to reservation to invoicing to operations by a dedicated Experience Coordinator.

  • Peace of mind

    Passengers have the comfort of knowing they will be received on arrival in Ecuador by an English-speaker, can ask any questions they may have about their trip, will get smoothly and safely from the airport and be assisted until they have checked in at their hotel.

    Guided transfers are handled by experienced tour guides specially trained to provide the Insider Service and briefed for each and every client by the Experience Coordinator handling their travel arrangements. The guided transfer in service includes ensuring that passengers are checked in smoothly at their hotel.

  • Proactive

    Passengers receive a superior level of service by having their expectations met, requests attended to and any problems dealt with immediately.

    During all transfers the guides establish the expectations of the passengers, get feedback on services already provided and attend immediately to any requests by the passengers or issues that may have arisen, or refers them, if appropriate, to the Experience Coordinator.

  • Attention to detail

    Passengers can relax and enjoy their trip with a range of relevant information sources, and in the knowledge the person in Ecuador that has intimate knowledge of their travel arrangements is both an English-speaker and just a phone call away – 24h if need be.

    On arrival all travellers receive a Welcome Pack with a letter of welcome introducing the Experience Coordinator by name and providing their personal 24h contact number for enquiries and questions during office hours or in case of emergency all other times, vouchers for all services, maps of Quito or Guayaquil and Ecuador, a list of common Spanish phrases and a surprise gift (a small token of our appreciation for them choosing to visit our country).

  • On the ground

    Passengers are made to feel valued by receiving personal attention and valuable feedback can be collected.

    At some point during the trip, usually on the passengers return from Galapagos, the Experience Coordinator personally makes contact with the passengers either in person or by telephone to get feedback, attend to any requests and to answer any questions they may have.

  • Continuous impovement

    Both independently and together, you and Yacu Amu Experiences can adapt and improve product, as well as attend to any grievances passengers may have before they become a formal complaint.

    Client feedback is formally reported and will be shared with you.