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Galapagos Islands: What Happens in April

The rains in the Galapagos Islands begin to subside, leaving behind a lush, emerald landscape (especially in the Highlands). The sun is strong and the waters are warm, with great visibility for snorkeling. April is definitely one of the best times to visit these tropical isles.

On Land

  • Marine iguanas are nesting.
  • On Isabela Island and elsewhere in the archipelago, new-born land iguanas are emerging from their shells.
  • In the wild, it is the end of the giant tortoise hatching season.

At Sea

  • Green sea turtle eggs are also hatching on Galapagos beaches. Be sure to follow all special instructions about staying away from their nesting areas.

In the Air

  • Waved Albatross arrive en masse to Española Island, and begin their mating and nesting rituals.
  • Over on San Cristobal and Genovesa (Tower) islands, Great Frigatebirds are also reproducing, with the males inflating their crimson throat pouches.
  • On North Seymour Island, Blue-footed Boobies are performing their courtship dances.


  • Some years, Easter (Semana Santa) is observed in April. (Click here to see future dates of Semana Santa, which runs from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.)
  • Galapagos is a popular destination for vacationing Ecuadorians during both of this holiday. Expect higher prices and many more people checking out Galapagos’ wonders.
  • Outside of this holiday time, it is the low season in these Islands, which means you can find some great deals on tours and cruises.
  • If you are into running, join in the Sierra Negra Volcano marathon and half-marathon on Isabela Island, held in mid-April.

April is summertime in the Galapagos Islands. Days are hot with strong sun tempered by sporadic showers, and evenings pleasantly are cool.

  • It’s comfortably warm in the Galapagos during April, with temperatures reaching daytime highs of 31ºC (88ºF) and dropping to 22ºC (72ºF) at night.
  • The Highlands receive nearly 4 centimeters (1.5 inches) of rain during April.
  • Despite the rain, there will be over seven hours of strong sunshine per day. (Be sure to use sun protection!)
  • The sea is warm (25ºC / 77ºF) and clear, making terrific scuba diving and snorkeling.

Have you visited the Galapagos islands in April? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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