Charles Darwin Research Station

Charles Darwin Research Station to stay open

It’s good news for the Charles Darwin Research Station. The Galapagos-based station, which is run by the Charles Darwin Foundation (CDF), is to remain open – at least for now.

Sustainable funding

In November of last year, CDF announced that it had run into financial difficulties, partly due to the closure of the research station’s souvernir store, which had previously provided a weekly income of US$8,000. As a result the future of both CDF and the research station was in jeopardy, with the closure of the station a real possibility. Now, thanks to a generous grant and funds raised from a global #SaveDarwin campaign, CDF has announced that the station will remain open and CDF’s future is looking brighter.

In an open letter to the foundation’s General Assembly members, Executive Director Swen Lorenz stated that a US$1.15 million grant from the International Community Foundation and US$400,000 raised from the #SaveDarwin campaign will go towards “building a sustainable funding model for our organisation”, including collaboration with Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment and other strategic partners. Lorenz acknowledged that while there is still a long road ahead, the funds raised represent “a major step in strengthening the CDF and, most importantly, ensures the future of the vital research that takes place at the Charles Darwin Research Station.”

Want to lend your support? There are a number of options:

  • Donate what you can using this link here
  • Purchase a CDF online membership here
  • Share the cause with your friends and supporters online by downloading a fundraising and awareness media pack here.

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