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Ban on new hotels in the Galapagos Islands lifted

The Ecuadorean Government has announced that it has lifted the moratorium that restricts the contruction of new tourist accommodation in the Galapagos Islands. The Governing Council of the Galapagos Islands approved the lifting of the moratorium on the 29th August.

What does this mean for the Galapagos Islands?

Ecuador’s Tourism Minister, Sandra Naranjo, said that the Government aims to strengthen tourism in the islands, while “encouraging responsible tourism” and that any expansion must adhere to the “strictest standards possible”. New hotels must comply with environmental, urban and social frameworks and are required to receive prior approval from the Galapagos Islands’ Governing Council. The lifting of the moratorium also means that only new accommodation can be built; existing hotels are still banned from expanding their current premises in any way.

For more information, please see the official press release of the announcement (in Spanish).
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