Motor yacht San Jose, Galapagos islands

A New Look for the Galapagos’ Motor Yacht M/Y San José

M/Y San José, one of the Galapagos islands’ largest motor yachts, will soon be wearing a new look that will make its first class service even classier.

The M/Y San José has been in dry dock undergoing a total renovation. The cabins as well as the living room, dining room and other social areas are being completely redecorated. All floors – within and without – are being refitted with faux teakwood.

A new triple suite will allow small families or close friends to share their Galapagos experience.

An additional motor will allow the M/Y San José to whisk you to visitor sites even more quickly and securely. Other structural changes are also underway, all to provide its passengers with a safe and enjoyable Galapagos cruise.

The M/Y San José will still have ample outdoor decks where you can relax and enjoy the fresh sea air after a day of exploring Galapagos’ natural wonders. Whether in the brilliant sun glinting off the sea or in the shade of the covered deck, you can enjoy refreshments from the bar and observe wildlife like seabirds, whales and dolphins while the yacht cruises from isle to isle.

Of course, M/Y San José will continue to provide its passengers delicious meals and personal attention. Intimate group experiences with its certified bilingual naturalist guide are still guaranteed.

The M/Y San José is scheduled to be relaunched on April 12.

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Photo credit: M/Y San José

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