Galapagos from the air

How to Get to the Galapagos Islands

Updated July 2016.

The Galapagos islands sit out in the Pacific Ocean where they straddle the Equator a thousand kilometres (about 600 miles) off the coast of Ecuador. Getting there is not difficult but it’s not all that straightforward either.

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Galapagos beach

Tsunami alert for Galapagos cancelled

Ecuadorian authorities placed coastal areas and the Galapagos islands on alert after an 8.2 magnitude earthquake off the north coast of Chile last night local time.

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Galapagos Islands yacht

How to Plan a Trip to the Galapagos Islands

Ok, so you are ready to plan a trip to the Galapagos islands. Where do you start?

The first thing to know is that there are lots of options out there so no matter what type of traveller you are you will find a way of visiting the islands to suit.

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